Yaron Ilan

Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center, Israel

Dr. Yaron Ilan is a Professor of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University and the Department of Medicine Chairman at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. Dr. Ilan served as the Vice Dean of the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School. Dr. Ilan was a Visiting Professor at Harvard University, working on novel immunotherapies.

Dr. Ilan’s main research areas are developing artificial intelligence-based algorithms for care, developing immunomodulatory therapies for fatty liver disease, diabetes, and inflammatory bowel diseases, and developing drugs for primary liver cancer. Dr. Ilan holds over 50 patents for discoveries based on his innovative research and has authored over 350 peer-reviewed articles and two books. He is the inventor of several drugs and medical devices and artificial intelligence-based algorithms developed by several pharmaceutical companies. Several of his innovations have already reached the clinical market. Dr. Ilan is the founder of several companies and is a medical director and advisor for several biotech companies.