Silviu Brill

Institute of Pain Medicine, Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel

Dr. Silviu Brill is Specialist in Anesthesiology and Pain Management, Director of the Institute for Pain Medicine, Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel.

Diplomat of European Diploma of Pain Medicine (EDPM)

Director Institute for Cannabis Research, Tel Aviv Medical Centre, Israel

Honorary Secretary of European Pain Federation, Past President of the Israeli Pain Association

Dr Brill is Co-Chair of Task force on Cannabis based medicine and Chair of the Working group on Cancer Pain of European Pain Federation

Dr Brill has published about eighty articles, book chapters and other manuscripts in various areas of pain including Acute Pain, Neuropathic Pain, CRPS, Cancer-Related Pain, Opioids and Cannabinoids.

His main research interest is Neuromodulation, Psychologic aspects of Chronic Pain postsurgical neuropathic pain and Medical use of Cannabinoids.

Dr. Brill received grants from European Union, for Development of an International Pain Registry: Pain-Out, British Chevening Medical Scholarship, Israel Science Foundation, Israel Pain Association and The Israel Cancer Association.