Haggai Sharon

Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel

Institute of Pain Medicine in Tel Aviv Medical Centre & Sagol Brain Institute Tel Aviv University, Israel. President of Israel Pain Association

Haggai Sharon, MD PhD, President of Israel Pain Association, is a specialist in Internal medicine and Pain Medicine. He is a senior physician at the Institute of Pain Medicine in Tel Aviv Medical Centre and a researcher at the Sagol Brain Institute in Tel Aviv University, where he completed a PhD in neuroscience and currently leads the Laboratory for #Pain, Consciousness & Neurosychopharmacology. He has also completed a clinical research fellowship at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Pain Management and Neuromodulation Centre in London.

Dr. Sharon’s work focuses on research into what builds the subjective experience of the self in health and disease. He is especially interested in altered states of consciousness, neuropsychopharmacology and the neurobiology of pain, and explores methods that can rapidly change this aversive experience in a noninvasive, brain-focused and patient-tailored manner. To that aim he combines advanced functional brain imaging techniques, psychoactive pharmacotherapy, noninvasive brain stimulation and brain modulation approaches in healthy individuals and patients.